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  • SPIE leaders meeting in Strasbourg
    I was lucky to visit France, in one of political the capitals of Europe – Strasburge. One of the largest conferences of SPIE Europe Photonics Europe 2008 passed there, and meeting of leaders of SPIE Student chapters passed within the framework of this conference. Exactly on this meeting I set out, taking advantage of special grant in 1000$ from SPIE. President SPIE Karazin National University Student Chapter– Alexey Galan set out on the same program.
    There was a lot of interesting at conference, but all one after another.
    A place for a conference was chosen very successfully. Strasburg is a very quiet small and old city. It’s very right place to discuss scientific achievements.
    A conference passed 5 days from 7 to 11 of April in Palais de la Musique et des Congres, within the framework of conference the enormous exhibition of modern equipment, newest materials and scientific achievements was organized.
    Specially for the representatives of SPIE Student Chapters the program was made which plugged in itself:
    1) Student Lunch with the Experts
    2) SPIE Student Chapter Breakfast
    3) 2 educating course at choice. For us it were:
         a) Difractive Optics Technology for Product Development, etc.
         b) Hands-on-Optics: Making an Impact with light: Terrific Telescopes.
    4) tickets for the visit of poster sections of conference, exhibition and lunches.
    5) free of charge advertising posters and booklets about SPIE were given , which then we successfully used for the holding of conferences.
    In the first day in Strasburge we register oneself and met with one of our curator – Dirk Fabian, very nice young person. He helped us to be oriented in a conference at all time.
    There was a lot of interesting acquaintances at conference, as on scientific directions so with the representatives of SPIE Student Chapters from other countries. I consider, what leaders meeting and conference passed at high level to which it is needed all aims.
    Unfortunately, it was prohibited to take pictures on none of measures of conference, but some pictures succeeded to be done :
    Inside & outside Palais de la Musique et des Congres

    I & Alexey Galan with Dirk Fabian after course "Hands-on-Optics: Making an Impact with light: Terrific Telescopes. " :
    My walks on a city :
    New and old parts of city
    Catholic cathedrals of city
    European parliament
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