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  • Travel Grants for chapter members participating in conferences 1 half-year
    44-th School at Condensed Matter Physics in S-Petersburg Institute for Nuclear Physics 15-20 March, 2010, S-Petersburg, Russia
    Due to the SPIE partial support, this time our members Khrystyna Kutko, Sergey Poperedjay and Mariia Pashchenko attend the Winter School for student from Russia and countries of former Commonwealth of Independent States. It was good opportunity to tell about existence and work of ours IRE SPIE Student Chapter. This winter school was held in beautiful place. Hotel "Raivola” was located in S-Petersburg region not far from the Gulf of Finland in place with dense coniferous forest and picturesque lakes. But not only marvelous winter nature impress on us, good and qualified lecturers, creative atmosphere and lots of students from different countries were the main components of School. It allowed us to make an acquaintance with big amount of students and successfully advertised SPIE and activity of our IRE SPIE Student Chapter.
    Some photos from School: A lot of snow and dense coniferous forest and ice care at first:


    Educational and social program, poster session:

    Social program for students:

    At last, we could not miss the opportunity to visit legendary Russian city – Sent –Petersburg.
    The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and the Hermitage Museum:

    Saint Isaac's Cathedral, way to the observation point inside and view to the city from the observation point:

    Due to support of IRE SPIE Student Chapter members of this chapter had opportunity to visit different Ukrainian Conferences which was connected with their scientific interests.
    17th Open Young Scientists’ Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics April 26 – May 1, 2010, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    On this conference Marina Mikhailova had a report: "Influence of low-frequency quasar 3C273 Radio Spectrum on X-ray emission of its kiloparsec jet”.

    Travel Grants for chapter members participating in conferences 2-nd half-year
    Due to SPIE support, Student Chapter members were able to go on the Ukrainian and International conferences on optics and photonics using SPIE and small IRE SPIE SC travel grants Mikhail Khodzitskiy and Anna Vozianova get their SPIE trevelgrants for SPIE STUDENT CHAPTER MEETING –2010, San-Diego (California, USA)
    They represented our IRE SPIE Student Chapter on this meeting, show them scientific results, meet new friends and just have fun. And of course they had new experience with SPIE. Photos from their journey:




    "The High Energy Astrophysics Today and Tomorrow” December 21-24, 2010, Moscow, Russian Federation.
    Marina Mikhailova had the opportunity to visit this serious conference due to the partial support of IRE SPIE SC. She represented poster report: "The connection between the quasar 3C273 spectrum and the X-ray emission of its kiloparsec jet”.

    II International Scientific Conference Nanostructured Materials 2010: Belarus-Russia-Ukraine, 19-22 October 2010, Kiev, Ukraine
    Khrystyna Kutko presented poster report «Magnetic resonance and effective magnetic anisotropy in Co/Cu (111) superlattices» :

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