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  • Current Activities 2018

    Upcoming Events

    -- Day of Photonics

    -- Autumn Days of Science

    Past Events

    -- The IX International Conference for Professionals and Young Scientists “LTP-2018” (June 4-8, 2018). Our IRE SPIE Student Chapter was a traditional co-organizer, sponsor and partner of this annual scientific event. This year our chapter took part in organization of Optics and Photonics Sessions, support an excurcion to S.Ya.Braude Radio observatory, where the Ukrainian T-shaped radio telescope (UTR-2) is located, and organized an additional program event - SPIE & OSA Young Scientists Workshop - with the aim to provide career development lectures for young participants and opportunities of live informal communication between them and leading experts.

    Dear members of SPIE Student Chapters,

    We are happy to inform that this year IRE SPIE Student Chapter travel grant for young researches are available in the conference ICPYS-LTP-2018 due to SPIE support!

    Such IRE SPIE Student Chapter travel grants will be include conference fee waiver, reimbursement for accommodation expenses (economy class) and meals during 5 conference days.

    To apply for such IRE SPIE Student Chapter travel grant, please, fulfill the following conditions:
    1) you must be a member of SPIE and member of good standing SPIE Student Chapter;
    2) you must be a participant of the conference ICPYS-LTP-2018 (ilt.kharkov.ua/icpys2018/participants.html), namely, your one-page-abstract must be accepted by Program Committee;
    3) you must attend all conference working days from June 4 till June 8;

    If all conditions are satisfied, please, send a letter with your name, surmane and name of your SPIE student chapter with the link to this chapter web-page in the e-mail body and your CV in the attachments before April 15, 2018 to ire.osaspie@gmail.com. Please note, that we accept no more than two (2) applications for members from one (1) SPIE Student Chapter.

    Winners will be informed by e-mail on May 1, 2018.

    !!! Congratulations to IRE SPIE Student Chapter travel grants' winners:

    1. Mr. Alain Abou Khalil (Bordeaux,France/Québec, Canada), Bordeaux Chapter
    2. Ms. Astghik Kuzanyan (Yerevan, Armenia), Russian-Armenian Univ. and National Academy of Sciences Chapter
    3. Ms. Liliia Kuzmenko (Vinnitsia, Ukraine), Vinnitsa National Technical Univ. Chapter
    4. Mr. Ivan Lopushenko (Moscow, Russian Federation), Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. Chapter
    5. Ms. Yuliia Melnyk (Odesa, Ukraine), Odessa Univ. Chapter
    6. Mr. Kostiantyn O. Radchenko (Vinnitsia, Ukraine), Vinnitsa National Technical Univ. Chapter

    -- "Science for all in B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature" (May 19, 2018). Our chapter together with ILTPE OSA SC and ILTPE Council of Young Scientists organized educational lectures with optical and low-temperature demonstrations for all interested children and adults. The event was devoted to professional holiday of science workers of Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of May. Number of attendees: 50. Photos.

    -- International Day of Light (May 16, 2018). Three students teams - ILTPE OSA SC, ILTPE Council of Young Scientists, and IRE SPIE SC - have made their efforts to gather local school children including pupils from socially unprotected strata of the population in our Institute within a big scale celebration of the first International Day of Light. The children were involved in the optics quests and optical and low temperature experiments. Number of attendees: 200. Photos.

    -- Visit to Kharkiv local school №87 (March 15, 2018) with the optical and low-temperature demonstration for pupils of the 3rd classes. Number of attendees: 30. Photos.

    -- Winter Meeting in Scientific Undergraund (January 18, 2018) by the invitation of young researchers from Kharkiv National Technikal University "Kharkiv Polytechnik Institute" aimed for the future cooperation. Number of attendees: 40. Photos.

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