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  • III Young Researcher Career Development Workshop
    (November 26, 2008)

    Program of Event

    At the third time theYoung Researcher Career Development Workshop(YRCDW) was organized jointly by four Student chapters: Joint OSA/SPIE Student Chapter of Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics NAS Ukraine, Joint OSA/SPIE Student Chapter of V. Karazin Kharkiv National University, MTT-S Student Chapter "IRE-KHARKIV-MTT", IEEE LEOS Stud. Chapter of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.
    This event helped young scientists to get to know each other, network and share ideas, and provided young scientists with knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful career in science. The Event was aimed at students and young scientists working in Radio-physics, Optics, Photonics, metamaterials, and relative fields.


    Lectures on electromagnetics and photonics.
    The first session of YRCDW was lectures of famous scientists on electromagnetics and photonics. Thanks to SPIE, Dr. Andrea Vallecchi from Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Florence, Italy was invited by SPIE Karazin Kharkov National University SC as SPIE Visiting lecturer and gave the lecture on "Planar designs based on tightly coupled scatterers for negative refractive index metamaterials”. Thanks to IEEE, Prof. Georg Boeck from Technische Universitaet Chair, Microwave Engineering Lab Berlin, Germany was invited by MTT-S Student Chapter "IRE-KHARKIV-MTT" as IEEE distinguished lecturer and gave the lecture on "Design of integrated RF CMOS circuits”.
    Prof. George Boeck

    Dr. Andre Vallechi

    IEEE / OSA / SPIE / LEOS Presentations
    The second YRCDW session was presentations of SPIE/OSA/IEEE benefits for students and round table (meeting) of student chapters of various societies from Ukraine, Poland and Russia

    Katarzyna Koziel (SPIE Gdansk)
    SPIE Benefits for students


    Anna Vozianova (OSA IRE SC)
    OSA Benefits for students


    Dr. Konstantin Ilyenko(IEEE East UA Chapter)
    IEEE Benefits for students


    Sergei Gryshchenko (IEEE LEOS KHNURE SC)
    IEEE LEOS Benefits for students

    Round table (Student chapter presentations)


    Mariia Pashchenko


    Elizaveta Yankovskaya
    Saint Petersburg SPIE/OSA SC)


    Sergei Gryshchenko (IEEE LEOS SC)


    Katarzyna Koziel (Gdansk SPIE SC)

     Edyta Grzelak (Lublin SPIE SC)


    Alexei Chernyshov (SPIE Chernivtsi SC)
    Career Development Masterclass
    The third YRCDW session was carreer development masterclass presented by Dr. Pavel Belov, Dr. Natalie Sakhnenko, Dr. Vladimir Fesenko

    Dr. Pavel Belov "Successful career in matematerials”

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