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  • VIII Kharkiv Young Scientists Conference on
    "Radiophysics and Electronics, Biophysics”
    IRE-YSC 2008 (November, 25-27,2008)

    The VIII Kharkiv Young Scientists Conference on "Radiophysics and Electronics, Biophysics”(IRE-YSC-2008) was held in November 25-27 at the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IRE NASU). Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the NAS of Ukraine (IRE NASU) is the first Academic Institute of Radiophysics in Ukraine, it was founded in September in 1955. The institute became the leading research center with deep expertise in various fields, such as: millimeter and submillimeter wave radiophysics and electronics, interaction of electromagnetic waves with solid states and biological objects, radiowave propagation in the environment, radiophysics sensing of artificial and natural objects. The most important achievements of the institute for last years are following: - development of new methods of radiolocation used for designing of radiolocation systems for territories control, detection of alive people under ruins, subsurface remote sensing, monitoring of buildings condition; - designing of radiolocation monitoring from aerospace satellites used for monitoring and forecasting of floods, flowages and emergencies, and also for monitoring of vegetation, erosive processes and pollution of water surfaces.
    The Institute is a founder of the following widely known scientific conferences: International Symposium „Physics and Engineering of Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves” (MSMW), International Conference „Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory” (MMET), and Annual Kharkiv Young Scientists Conference on "Radiophysics and Electronics, Biophysics” which traditionally gather over 100 young scientists from different parts of Ukraine as well as from FSU and European Countries. All these conferences are aimed at development of favorable conditions of communication between Ukrainian scientist and the worldwide electromagnetic community. These events are traditionally supported by IEEE, OSA, SPIE, and URSI, EuMA societies.
    This year the YSC-LTP-08 conference gathered over 130 young scientists from different parts of Ukraine as well as from FSU, European Countries , Armenia, and USA.
    In frame of the conference SPIE/OSA IRE Student Chapter carried out four activity:
    1) Organization of lecture of SPIE Visiting Lecturer Anatoly B. Rinkevich ( sponsored by SPIE)
    2) Optics and Photonics Session (talks in Russian) – sponsored by SPIE+OSA
    3) III Young Researcher Career Development Workshop (sponsored by SPIE+OSA+IEEE)
    4) SPIE Polish-Ukrainian Workshop on "Photonics and Metamaterials” (sponsored by SPIE+OSA+IEEE)
    Conference website:
    The YSC -2008 Conference Schedule

    The YSC -2008 Conference Geography


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