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    We invite graduate students, post-graduates, young lecturers and scientists under 35 years old, working in low temperature physics and electronics fields, to take part in the conference. In the plenary meetings the invited lectures of leading Ukrainian and foreign scientist are planed. This conference supported by
    1) superconductivity
    2) electron properties of solids at low temperature
    3)low temperature magnetism, spintronics
    4) optics and photonics, optical investigations at low temperature
    5) quantum crystals and quantum liquids, cryocrystals
    6) hardness and plasticity of solids at low temperature
    7) biophysics, low temperature physics of macromolecules
    8) physics of nanostructures and low-dimensional systems
    9) modern aspects of mathematics and mathematical physics
    The reports of participants will be heard at conference sessions and be published in the conference proceeding. The authors of the best scientist presentations will be awarded with prizes. The social program for the participants of the conference will be organized.
    Important Dates
    APRIL 2, 2009 – Deadline for submission of abstracts to orgcommittee
    April 25, 2009 –Decision on acceptance of a talk and sending of invitations on the conference
    June 1-5, 2009 – Conference dates.
    Schedule of the conference
    Venue for the conference
    The Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NASU 47 Lenina Av. Kharkiv 61103, Ukraine
    Working languages of the conference
    Ukrainian / Russian / English
    Participation Form
    - oral talks – till 15 min (for oral talks presentation the multimedia projector will be placed),
    - posters (for posters a space equivalent to A1-format will be allocated)
    Conference proceedings
    Abstracts of reports will be printed only at the condition of grant of expert’s certificate about publication of scientific materials in press.
    Participation in conference
    For inclusion of your materials in the conference program and receipt of invitation, you need to submit the application for the participation in the conference and the abstract of the report to organizing committee. The abstracts will be reviewed by program committee. You need to submit the application and the abstract by e-mail on address: kmu2009@ilt.kharkov.ua. In the field of "Subject” you need to indicate your Surname and number of topic (see the topic above); example, ivanov_ivan_5. Also you need to refer the expert’s certificate with stamp to organizing committee at the registration. The conference fee (60 hryvnas or 150 rubles or 10 US dollars) is paid by the participant during the registration.
    Co-chairmen of organizing committee: Kiyko Andriy , 8(057)3410853
    Secretary: Savina Julia , 8(057)3410802
    Members of the Organizing Committee of Conference:
    Dr. Konstantin Yagotincev , +38.057.3410955
    Dr. Olga Juzefovich , +380980515529
    Mr. Andriy Khrabustovskii , +8(057)3410986
    Mr. Oleksiy Bludov , +380633400549
    Ms.Mariia Pashchenko (O&P) , +38.063.4750345
    Ms. Anna Rikova (physics), +380975186480
    Mr. Vitaliy Chagovec (biophysics), +38.057.3410938
    Dr. Artem V. Boriskin (IRE), +38.057.7203782
    Ms. Olena Shurinova (KhNU), 8(057)707-56-30
    Mr. Pavel Pishkin (Kharkiv Politech. Inst.) , +38 095 638 53 75
    Members of the Organizing Committees of O&P section:
    Ms.Mariia Pashchenko(ILTPE),
              E-mail: pashchenko@ilt.kharkov.ua
              Tel.: +38.063.4750345
    Mr.Mikhail Khodzitskiy (IRE),
              E-mail: khodzitskiy@ire.kharkov.ua
              Tel: +38.093.5445158
    Ms.Khrystyna Kutko (ILTPE)
    Mr.Oleksiy Bludov (ILTPE)
    Mr. Sergii Poperezhay (ILTPE)
    47 Lenin Ave.,
    61103, Kharkov, UKRAINE
    Phone: 8(057)341-08-68,
    FAX: 8(057)340-33-70
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