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  • Session on Optics and Photonics in YSC-LTP 2009
    General Information
         The 2-nd All-Ukrainian Kharkiv Young Scientist Conference on Low Temperature Physics (YSC-LTP-2009) was held traditionally at the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ILTPE NASU). This year YSC-LTP-2009 was covered the 50-th anniversary of Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering which is a leading National Ukrainian scientific center with deep expertise in fields including low temperature materiology and instrument making, the mathematical physics and the mathematical analysis, physics of quantum liquids, liquid and cryocrystal, low temperature magnetism, biophysics, low temperature physics of macromolecules etc. The main goals of the conference, as an a previous year, were to help young scientists and students from different research institutes and universities to get in touch with each other, to listen to review talks on hot topics presented by leading scientists, and to try their own skills in scientific presentations. This year the YSC-LTP-09 conference gathered over 140 young scientists from different parts of Ukraine as well as from FSU and European Countries and provided an opportunity of both scientific discussions and informal communication.
         This year a session on Optics and Photonics (OP) has been added to the list of topics of the YSC thanks to the initiative from OSA/SPIE Joint Chapter of Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics and with the support of IEEE MTT of Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics.
    Optics & Photonics session as it was:
    Invited talk–
    Due to the SPIE Traveling Lecturer Program the participants of the conference were able to hear the excellent lecture of Pavel Belov about Hot topics in modern science such as metamaterials and nanostructures. His report attracted interest not only a young participants, but also most research workers.


    Actualy, Pavel Belov, not only made a wonderful lecture, he also activly participated in conferences work. Some moments you can see in the photos:

    Oral presentations
    The working language of the Session was Russian and English. The total number of abstracts submitted for the OP Session was 17 (10 oral and 7 posters).
    Geography of the participants of the OP Session included 6 institutions :
    • IRE NASU, Kharkiv;
    • ILTPE NASU, Kharkiv;
    • KNURE, Kharkiv;
    • KNU, Kharkiv;
    • National Technical University "KhPI”, Kharkiv
    • Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics, NSC KIPT, Kharkiv
    • E. Lashkaryov Institute of semiconductor physics , Kyiv.
    • I.Franko National University, Lviv
    • National Technical University of Ukraine «KPI», Kyiv
    • Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kyiv
    Presentations were followed with hot and fruitful discussions which made a great impact to the success of the event.

    Photos : During the OP Session.
    Poster presentations –
    As a previous time, 7 posters related to the Optics and Photonics were presented at the joint poster session which was organized in the lobby of the conference room and combined with a coffee break. The informal atmosphere helped participants to communicate more easily and attract attention of lead scientist of institute.

    Photos : Poster session.
    Round Table. Discussion about supporting of young scientist investigations.
    Round Table with discussing programs and projects for young scientist was during the session at first time. In this Round Table were presented different Society, such as OSA, SPIE, Alexander Fon Humboldt foundation with their benefits for student and young scientist. Furthermore, report "How to make a successful career in science” was presented by our invited speaker Pavel Belov. And editorial staff of magazine "Science and Technique” made their presentation.

    But, our special guests were the school pupil from Donetsk Lyceum. They showed us experimental proving of Bifeld-Braun effect. It was so bright and breathtaking demonstration! In some photos from Round Table it is shown.

    Social program
    During the YSC-LTP-2009 the special coffee-break with advertising materials and huge delicious cake with fresh fruits, traditionally, was organized by Joint IRE OSA and SPIE Student Chapter.

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