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  • IRE OSA SPIE SC Activities 2017 due to support by OSA and SPIE

    The 5th International Conference NANOBIOPHYSICS NBP-2017 (2–5 October 2017, Kharkiv, Ukraine): Photos
    Contribution of our chapter was in sponsorship and oral and poster reports about us, OSA and SPIE societies and our activity.
    Conference Web-site

    VII Scientific Funs in Kharkiv (16.09.2017): Video report, Photos.
    The chapter was a part of important social project of our city - "Scientific Funs". We thank the main organizers - Artem Konovalov and Tanya Baglay - as well as public organizations supporting this event, a lot of volonteers, and of course for all attendees :)
    VII Scientific Funs in Kharkiv

    #IONSBalvanyos2017 (July 23-25, 2017): Web-site, FB page.
    Thank's to the invitation of the Romanian OSA and SPIE Student Chapters our IRE OSA SPIE Student Chapter had co-organizing activity in the IONS® Balvanyos 2017 conference in Balvanyos Resort, Romania for students! Thank's OSA and INFLPR OSA-SPIE Student Chapter!

    #icpysLTP2017 (May 29 - June 2, 2017): - The VIII International Conference for Professionals and Young Scientists “Low Temperature Physics”, Kharkiv, Ukraine: Selected Photos.
    Our chapter was sponsor and co-organizer of the conference ICPYS-LTP-2017, which took place in B. Verkin ILTPE of NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine) during May 29 - June 2, 2017. For details see: Conference web site, Facebook Conference Group, Google Conference Group, Vk Conference Group.

    OSA and SPIE Young Scientists Workshop (YSW) - All-Ukrainian Meeting of Student Chapter of Optical Societies devoted to the 10th anniversary of IRE OSA SPIE Student Chapter: Photos.

    #Дні_науки_Весна (20.05.2017): Photo Report 1, Photo Report 2.
    The chapter took part in the big educational and entertainment project «Days of Science - Spring» in Ukraine with optical, photonical and low-temperature demonstrations for children and adults. The chapter members thank organizers of the project "Days of Science" (NGO «Unia Scientifica» and popular science portal for the opportunity to join to this great social event!
    Days of Science in Ukraine: Announcement and Program.

    #Всеукраїнський_Фестиваль_Науки (19.05.2017): Photo Report.
    Participation in XI All-Ukrainian Festival of Science: pupils of the 5th classes of a local Kharkiv school visited B.Verkin ILTPE of NASU (47 Nauky Ave) to have a special lesson with optical, photonical and low-temperature experiments in the frame of project "Ukrainian Festival of Science", which is founded by National Academy of Science of Ukraine.
    Full program; our event is on the 20p.

    Visit to the Kharkiv specialized school №181 «Donsuri» (11.04.2017): Photo Report 1, Photo Report 2.
    Visit to the Kharkiv specialized school №181 «Donsuri» ( in-depth study of the Korean language with the optical and low-temperature demonstration for pupils within a Week of Physics in this school.

    IRE OSA SPIE Winter Meeting (28.02.2017):Photo Report.
    Our chapter organized special meetings for graduate and postgraduate students, and young scientists who do not reach PhD degree, and who are interested in optics and photonics. We suggested the program with detailed lecture about OSA and SPIE societies, report about our Chapter activity, and off course with hot tea, cookies, pizza and good mood. We also thank psychologist Valeria Afanasieva for interesting and relaxing interactive master class during the meeting.
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