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  • Our report 2007
    Dear colleagues!
    Propose to your attention the small report about our activity 2007. We exist not long ago, from 14 November, but, due to your support, after a month we had time very much!
             We hold 2 meetings of our IRE-SPIE Chapter, on one of which it was chosen the officers of Chapter and confirmed a constitution, and similarly distributed duties on the future. On next meeting it was decided to take part in the All Ukrainian meeting of Chapters, discussed the creation of web-site (, it is in process of development now). In this meet it was accepted the decision about expansion of our Chapter, and it was money facilities in amount 60$ on acceptance of new members in our Chapter to December, 31. Similarly it was assign money facilities in amount 85$ for payment the organizational payment for members of our Chapter, which took part in the Ukrainian conferences. The photo of some members is shown below:

    In different conferences our members use logo SPIE & OSA as advertising this organization

    Gratitude SPIE & OSA for supporting participation!!!
    On both meetings our Chapter spent 20$ to provide comfort terms for acceptance of correct decisions.
     Certainly, we could not miss out remarkable possibility to take part in the All Ukrainian meeting of friendly OSA Chapters, which passed within the framework of Young Scientist Conference in IRE. We insert considerable part of the money facilities, in the help on organization of conference and meeting of Chapters.
    200$ - is the help in organizations of Welcome party, meetings of Chapters and sections of «Optics and photonics»
    100$ - is the help in organization of lecture in Planetarium, within the framework of Young Scientist Conference in IRE
    25$ - is the printing of the English-language version of theses of Young Scientist Conference
    10$ - is the printing of selling aids about SPIE and our Chapter.
    That turned out from our activity jointly with IRE OSA Chapter, you can see in our photo report below:

    Opening of section "Optics and Photonics” in YSC-2007

    All Ukrainian SPIE-OSA chapters meeting
    Member of SPIE Student Chapter at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv – participant of YSC 2007
    Member of IRE- SPIE Student Chapter – participant of YSC 2007
    Winner of posters competition – member of IRE-SPIE Student Chapter

    Winner of posters competition – member of IRE-SPIE Student Chapter
    Our advertising materials
    Member Student Chapter of Simferopol near our advertising materials
    Members Student Chapter of Chernovtsy near our advertising materials
    Presidents meeting of several Student Chapters in Welcome party
    Welcome party!!!
    Sweet present to OSA Chapters!!!
    Faculty advisor and presidents of Kharkiv OSA Student Chapters with cake!
    Extract from Thesis book of YSC-2007

    Our advertising poster
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